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Residential Vinyl Flooring

Residential Vinyl Flooring Options

Every building to be complete must have flooring and the flooring usually depends on the type of building it is. In most cases vinyl flooring is most opted as it is one of the most resilient types of flooring. Being highly resistant to wear and tear, it is most opted in areas of high traffic. Available in a variety of colors and intricate designs, the vinyl flooring is a perfect protection for your flooring and it is all the more enhanced with the latest variety of the vinyl with Urethane finish.


Benefits of Residential Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen Vinyl flooring provides a lot of benefits as a fantastic flooring option. Firstly, it is affordable and is likely to suit the budget of most people. Besides, some of its excellent features include easy maintenance with simple cleaning methods, long-lasting colors and resistant to scratching and staining.  Because of its ease in cleaning, it is very popularly and commonly preferred in kitchens where there is likely to be more spillage and wetness. Regular cleaning of the kitchen floor can leave the vinyl flooring sheet looking spanking new.


Types of Vinyl Sheets for Flooring

There are various types of Kitchen & Bathroom vinyl flooring sheets that are available. The two main types are the adhesive types, both of which are quite easy to install. They are the flooring adhesive type and the self-adhesive type. Vinyl flooring is also available as sheets and tiles and though sheets are very commonly used, the vinyl flooring tiles are perfect if you have too many edges and sharp pointed corners in the room. In such cases the sheet is likely to crack at those points. The sheets are available as a vast single piece irrespective of the size of the room or its area. Using the vast single sheets provide a vastness to the room making it look big. The latest type of vinyl flooring sheets is the plank sheets which are thicker than the previous one so it is great as an insulation of the room and also provides comfort for the room.


The Residential Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Vs the Vinyl Sheet

Though basically the residential LVT is more posh and luxurious looking, functionally it is equal to the vinyl sheet. The other main difference is in its cost. The residential LVT is far more expensive than the ordinary vinyl sheet therefore it all depends on where you want the vinyl flooring to be. The residential LVT is available in a smooth finish which is usually the most commonly opted one, but you can also look out for more stylish ones like the ones with embossed finish and the scraped look that adds elegance to the flooring. A great value added product for your home, the residential luxury vinyl flooring is in great demand today from home owners.


Using vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles is very eco-friendly as it encourages recycling of the used sheets and tiles. So in a way you not only take care of the home but you also contribute towards the safety of the environment.


The expert staff at My Way Carpet Floors & More can help you to choose the best quality residential vinyl for your home flooring needs.


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